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  • Love Love Love the work the Purple Turtle team did on my 2009 Honda Element. The seats are tan and prone to show all the accidental spills that occur on those rushed mornings! I can definitely see the difference. True elbow grease and positive attitudes over here. I highly reccommend their services!

    Georgia R.
    Honda Element
  • After a much-needed inside/outside detailing, my 2006 van looked better than when I bought it. Matt, Daniel and Angela were very easy to work with and my van was done on time, completely dry inside (unlike a previous time at another shop). This local business is one we should support.

    Connie O.
    Chrysler Van
  • Great job as always. My 2007 4-runner looks like a new car after being detailed! Just wish Alaska roads weren't so dirty so my car would stay cleaner longer!!

    Alice L.
    Toyota 4 Runner
  • Awesome quality, super value - would highly recommend to all my friends without hesitation. Purple Turtle has been taking care of my family cars for a couple of years now. We have kids, so the cars understandably are not in the cleanest condition to begin with. However, with a TLC package, Purple Turtle manages to turn our fleet into brand new cars, with clean fresh carpets, shiny exteriors, conditioned leather and everything looking literally brand new. If you want to experience the new car feeling again and get even more pleasure out of your daily commutes, bring your vehicle to these guys. They do an amazing job and will give your vehicle a total refresh. And the best thing is they stand behind their service 100%. If you have any concern at all, they will make sure you are 100% happy with the service.

    Andrei C.
  • The Purple Turtle staff really helped me out on the price after having issues with another shop.The staff were organized, helpful, and professional. My car looks new! I was very impressed with their attention to detail. The OTHER shop fixed my car after an accident and left dirt and dust covering everything and in all the small places. This was after they detailed it. My car also had a strong shop/oil/fuel smell to it. Even under the hood was a mess after they cleaned it twice. Twice because I took it back asking them to fix it... They didn't after having it for over a day and it was actually messier. I was frustrated and took it to The Purple Turtle after seeing their reviews. The purple turtle had my car for less time than the other shop but cleaned out everything, every nook looks like it was cleaned, even cleaned under the trunk mat which I did not expect. Under the hood is immaculate and most of all the smell is gone from my car (ozone treatment). It honestly looks like a new car inside and out. I would refer anyone to this place. I'm very impressed with their work.

    Luke S.
    Subaru Crosstreck
  • My truck was stolen and recovered with a bunch of junk in it, who knows what they were doing in it. I have two small children and was very concerned about putting them back in it. I ordered the 'Best best in Show' package and they kept the vehicle overnight to oxidize and clean the air inside the cab. When I got the vehicle back I could not beleive how good it looked. It is the cleanest it has ever been. It smells great. It looks just like it came off the show room floor. I am very pleased. The outside is shining and waxed. It looks amazing. I'll have to do this more often so I have a nice vehicle to drive around in. Who need s new vehicle when these guys can make your old one look, smell and feel new!

    Steve P.
  • I had heard Purple Turtle was great and they are! From the customer service to going over the truck when I picked it up, he went over it to make sure I was happy! I used them to sell my 2001 F150 Super Crew and I will be using them to maintain my Highlander along with recommending them! Thank you guys!

  • 100% impressed with the quality of the detailing. Alaska truly challenges the cleanliness of the interior and exterior of a vehicle (mine was more the interior) and they were able to bust through the muck. I have to large dogs, one with white wiry hair that sticks in everything, and they were able to pull 99.9999% of the dog hair out (think using hand sanitizer, can't kill them all but damn close). Will recommend to friends, family, coworkers, and strangers!

    Morgan E.
  • The customer service was excellence and spot on. The truck had been in a Rural area all it's life. Dropped it off a mess and came back to a brand new vehicle on the inside from top to bottom. I would recommend this service to everyone.

    Jamie C.
  • Had a very positive experience having a used car I just purchased detailed. They are helpful over the phone and very friendly. My car looked excellent and the ozone blaster treatment helped eliminate a weird smell. Also their prices are super reasonable, and they made sure I was completely satisfied with my car before I left the shop. I would highly recommend their services!

    Heidi B.